Schools opened at new West Bank housing schemes

The La Parafaite/Harmony and Belle West Housing Schemes of the West Bank of Demerara each received a new primary school, which is hoped to relieve the overcrowding that other schools have faced since the opening of the schemes.

The two structures are reinforced concrete and timber single storey buildings with the required features and support facilities, a press release from the Region Three Regional Administration Office. The La Parafaite/Harmony school cost $59.3M while the Belle West Housing Scheme school cost $49.2M.

The projects the release stated were implemented by the Basic Needs Trust Fund while the Ministry of Finance served as the executing agency.

The projects were funded by the Caribbean Development Bank, CIDA and the Guyana Government.

Last Wednesday, the keys to the schools were handed over to the Region Three Vice Chairman who welcomed the structures, noting that it will ease the overcrowding that schools along the West Bank have faced since the opening of the schemes.

The schools are hoped to be commissioned in time for the new school year beginning September 2010.

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