Woman on self bail over disorderly conduct

A West La Penitence woman appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday to answer charges relating to disorderly conduct.

Cassandra Adams was read the four charges relating to an incident which took place on April 29 at Smyth Street.  Adams was charged with communicating with a prisoner at the Brickdam lock-ups, behaving disorderly in public, abusing a police constable and resisting arrest.  She pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Adams told the court that she was in the vicinity of the lock-ups when a prisoner allegedly shouted for her and she communicated with him.

A male police officer attempted to arrest her but she claims that he used excessive force in order to get her to comply. She showed the court the injuries as a result of the incident.  She further added that the police officer ripped her top off and was forcing her to go to the court topless, which she refused to do.

Police Prosecutor Stephen Telford said that the incident occurred when Adams was told not to communicate with a prisoner by a plain clothes officer.

She then behaved in a disorderly manner, causing disturbance to senior ranks in the station’s compound.

Telford added that Adams gave a different name to the officer at the station, only later was she identified by her real name.  She was then arrested and charged with the offences.  He said that in the process of behaving disorderly, Adams pulled off her top.

Adams was placed on self-bail.  The matter was put down for June 4 in Court 10.

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