Workers deserve better


The Alliance for Change (AFC) in its message to mark Labour Day has charged the government to show good leadership and governance by acting in the best interests of the people of Guyana who have bestowed that responsibility upon them.

In a press release, the AFC said that the workers of Guyana deserve better and should have a government which ensures their employment.

“Instead the workers of this nation have division in their trade union movement, indecisiveness and deception being foisted upon them by their government among the many other ills,” the AFC sated.

The party said that Labour Day presents a prefect opportunity for the steadfastness of Guyanese workers, in light of the crises which have gripped the world and Guyana, to be saluted

The largest category of workers can be found in the sugar, rice and bauxite sectors; industries which have been severely challenged by external forces.

The party pointed out the workers must be prepared by the government for the changes which are likely to affect the industries even more.

The AFC said that it recognises the continued contribution of all workers to the development of Guyana through their “sweat and toil.”

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