Cyclist dies after struck by minibus

Kiven Roberts, of 15 Norton Street, Lodge, died last night at the Georgetown Public Hospital about 5 hours after he was struck down by a minibus.

The bus involved in yesterday’s accident.

Reports are that some time after 3 pm, the 52-year-old man was riding his bicycle when he was hit by a Route 41 minibus on Norton Street. He was rushed to the hospital in an unconscious state and was admitted into the Intensive Care Unit.  He sustained severe head injuries and several broken bones, this newspaper was told.

The driver of the minibus, with licence plate number BLL 495, told this newspaper that he was proceeding along Norton Street when Roberts suddenly swung out from one of the side streets into his path.  He said that he tried to “mash brakes” but it was too late and the two collided.  Stabroek News was told that the man and his cycle ended up underneath the minibus after it came to a stop. Following the incident, the driver said he immediately took Roberts to the hospital.

After taking Roberts to the hospital, the driver was taken into police custody and the minibus detained.

Relatives and friends told this newspaper that Roberts had just left home on his bicycle when they received a message that he had been struck by a minibus. They said by the time they arrived at the scene, Roberts had already left for the hospital but they noticed his badly mangled bicycle on the road.  When they reached the hospital, they were told that the man was unconscious.

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