Five people killed in stampede at Mexican concert

MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) – At least five people  were trampled to death yesterday when concert fans were  panicked by the sound of gunfire and caused a stampede in this  northern city, which has been on edge since drug violence  flared in recent weeks.

Hundreds of fans of the Norteno group Intocable at the show  rushed for the exits after some people yelled that they had  heard shooting, senior government official Ivonne Alvarez told  reporters.

Television images showed people giving mouth-to-mouth  resuscitation to unconscious and half-naked men and women  scattered around one of the venue’s exits. Police later  recovered one spent bullet shell.

Video recorded on a cellphone and broadcast on Milenio  television showed bewildered concert-goers ducking behind their  chairs as somebody repeatedly yelled, “Get down!”

Considered one of Latin America’s premier business cities,  Monterrey has been engulfed by violent crime as battles between  rival drug gangs spill into once tranquil parts of Mexico,  alarming Washington, foreign investors and tourists.

In March, armed men, probably linked to drug gangs, blocked  highways around the city with trucks and buses in an attempt to  hamper army operations near the US border.

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