Laing Ave man stabbed in home after row – assailant escapes

A Laing Avenue man was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he underwent an operation after he was stabbed several times in his home by a man he had an argument with.

Ryan Nicholas of 223 Laing Avenue sustained multiple stab wounds and his attacker, according to his reputed wife, was the same man who had stabbed Nicholas two years ago.

Nicholas’ reputed wife, Celeste Marshall who is four months pregnant, was also injured in the attack. She sustained cuts to her finger.

Recalling what happened yesterday around mid-day, Marshall said she and Nicholas had returned home where an argument ensued between her husband and the attacker who she named. She said that as they entered the house after the argument the man, “run in my mother house and start stabbing he [Nicholas] and threaten fuh kill he.”

After stabbing her husband the man then turned on her. He managed to cut her on her fingers before a cousin intervened and dragged him out of the house. Marshall said that as the cousin was trying to take him out of the house, she tried to lock the door.

However, attention was shifted to her husband who was she said was “bleeding a lot” when the cousin told her to call for a car to get him for the hospital. While this was being done, Marshall said, the attacker escaped.

The man, Marshall said, has a tendency of stabbing persons and hiding out at his father’s place. He was well known in the area and has a pending court matter which involved the stabbing of another person, Marshall added.

Meanwhile, the attack yesterday was reminiscent of a similar attack that had occurred two years ago. According to Marshall, the same man had run into her mother’s house and stabbed her husband in November of 2008 after they had an argument.

The men, Marshall added, were once friends and had a falling out. While she does not know what the source of this recent argument is, Marshall said that the previous attack came after her husband was caught in the middle of an argument between his attacker and another man. She said the man along with an accomplice was waiting in their house two years ago and he had stabbed her husband with an ice-pick.

As Marshall spoke, this newspaper observed that she was bare-footed and her white blouse was blood splattered. There was also blood on her face. While she was not weeping, she had to take a breath before recounting the attack. Her cuts were already bandaged.

The matter was reported to the Hospital Police Outpost. Marshall said she and her husband were clothing vendors.

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