Lusignan woman’s skull was crushed – PME

A post-mortem examination (PME) yesterday revealed that it was crush injuries to the head caused by a wheel and a fractured skull that killed Bridgette Gangadeen whose mangled body was found on the roadway at Vigilance, East Coast Demerara.

Her husband, who relatives claimed might have pushed her out of his Canter truck and then reversed, crushing her head in the process remained in police custody last evening.  Police investigators told Stabroek News that a file is being prepared for the Director Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice on the way forward.

The man had told the police minutes after being arrested that his 29-year-old wife jumped out of the vehicle and he accidentally ran over her head. From all indications the man fled the scene and sought no help for the mother of two of his children.

Police in a release had said they were investigating the murder of Gangadeen whose body was discovered around 2.25 am on the Vigilance Public Road with suspected marks of violence. The incident occurred a stone’s throw away from the Vigilance Police Station.

According to the relatives, the couple left their Lusignan home some time on Saturday night, locking their 12 and nine-year-old sons in the house, and travelled to Enterprise where they were expected to go shrimp catching with some friends. However, the trip was aborted and the couple left and it was believed that they were heading home.

About an hour later the husband returned to the Enterprise home without his wife and when questioned about her he did not answer.

The police were contacted and he was arrested.

Following the incident, the man returned home with the truck and parked it. He then used his car to return to Enterprise. The truck is also in police custody.

The woman’s relatives had reencountered the 14 years of abuse, she suffered at the hands of the man who had even threatened his mother-in-law. Other relatives were also fearful of him.

Gangadeen will be cremated on Friday.

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