Guyanese need to follow the example of their forebears – JFAP

In a message to mark the 172nd anniversary of Indian Arrival Day in Guyana, the Justice For All Party (JFPA) urged that Guyanese follow the example set through the struggles of their ancestors who arrived on the Whitby and Hesperus.

According to a press release issued by the party, Guyanese need “to remember the struggle of our ancestors who came aboard these ships and what they passed on to the generations who have survived here up to this day.” It said that the coming of the ships had rewritten the course of Guyanese history.

The party hopes that the younger generation “realises that they did not arrive here with gold spoon in their mouths” and have to work in order to build the nation.

“The religious bond shared then some 172 years ago must never be forgotten as in a multi-religious (and ethnic) country as ours we must bond together for peace and goodwill to prevail,” the release further sated.

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