Success of forebears was based in morality – CIOG

The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) recognises the contributions Indians have made to the nation and posited that a sound moral foundation is vital to gaining more successes.

In its message to mark the 172nd anniversary of the arrival of East Indians to Guyana, the CIOG said: “Today is a day when we reflect and…pray for those of our ancestors who made this journey across the ‘Kalapani’” and arrived on May 5, 1838.”

It said too in tribute to their forebears, descendants must reflect on their numerous achievements which were the result of their strong faith in God combined with their zeal for a better life. “We the descendants benefited from a foundation which was built on sacrifice, truth, trust, morality, strong resilience, optimism and a willingness to convert every stumbling block into a stepping stone,” the group added.

The CIOG said Guyanese have inherited a great legacy and they must not allow themselves to become complacent but should work assiduously to develop the nation by educating themselves in religious as well as secular things. This “will help us to develop strong families, strong communities and a healthy and prosperous country,” it added.

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