‘Sickly’ man denies stealing over $1M in truck parts

Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson on Monday placed a 59-year-old man on self-bail when he appeared before her at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court for allegedly stealing over $1M in truck parts from another man.

Kevin Edwards of Queenstown pleaded not guilty to the charge of simple larceny.

He denied that on May 1, he stole seven truck shocks, an engine starter, among several other items, with a total value of over $1M, the property of Deokaran Sanasie.

In his own defence, Edwards stated: “Ow look at me! I gah a bad heart. I could hardly see good cause meh eye get cataracts. Suh how I could do duh.”

He said he is being victimized since he and the security guard at the building where the parts were stored had a problem in the past.

However, Prosecutor Stephen Telford stated that shortly after the theft, the security guard saw Edwards jumping over the fence.

The magistrate ordered that Edwards return to court on June 8.

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