Ganja in pants pocket brings three-year jail term and fine

Deo Teixeira was on Monday sentenced to three years imprisonment when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court after he admitted that he had a quantity of cannabis in his pants pocket. He was also ordered to pay a fine of $30,000.

Teixeira pleaded guilty to the charge of possession of narcotics when Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton read it to him.

He admitted that on April 29, he had six and a half grammes of cannabis in his possession.

Teixeira asked the magistrate to be lenient with him by only imposing a fine for the offence. He explained that he is a sickly person since he has a tumor in his face.

The magistrate then informed him that the penalty for the offence was that he had to spend some amount of jail time.

Prosecutor Shellon Daniels then told the court that the cannabis was found wrapped in a blue plastic bag in Teixeira’s left side pants pocket.

The unrepresented Teixeira, who had a surprised expression after the magistrate imposed the sentence and the fine on him, was escorted out of the courtroom by a policeman.

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