Duo put on $50,000 bail each over grievous bodily harm charge

A duo was placed on $50,000 bail each by Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson when they appeared before her jointly charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm on another man.

Seon Small and Colywn Rowe both pleaded not guilty to unlawfully and maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm to Seyon Persaud on May 1 at King Street.

The two accused are unemployed and Small, 18, resides at 84 D’Urban Street, Werk-en-Rust, while Rowe, 19, resides at 68 Leopold Street, Werk-en-Rust.

Small in his defence said that Persaud and his associates were in the habit of tormenting him and would threaten him from time to time. On the day in question, Small said, a fight ensued between him and Persaud because the latter “jammed him”. However, Small claimed that he “was set up” and maintained that he had nothing to do with Persaud’s injuries. He said that it was someone else who inflicted Persaud’s injuries.

Rowe said that he was not involved in the fight and was not in the area when the incident allegedly occurred. He claimed that he is being wrongfully accused by Persaud.

However Persaud said it was the duo that fractured his arm. He said they threw faeces at him and thereafter attacked him.  He declared, “these people want to kill me.”

The pair was then granted bail and ordered not to be in contact with Persaud. The matter was put down for June 10 in Court 10.

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