Police association concerned over wrongdoing by some cops

The Guyana Police Association yesterday expressed concern over recent allegations of wrongdoings by some policemen and pledged to consistently sensitise ranks on their roles and professional responsibilities.

A press release from the police public relations office said yesterday that the association notes that these incidents which involved theft and assault among other “moral and public wrongdoings by a few recalcitrant members of the organisation” are having a negative impact on the image of the force against the backdrop of major successes by the majority of ranks.

The release added that the executive of the association wishes to inform the public that in conjunction with the Police Commissioner and his management team, the association will not condone the actions of those ranks who break the law “they were sworn to uphold and are engaged in any alleged human rights violation or excessive use of force”.

The association also wishes to state, the release said, that on visits to police divisions, members are reminded of the adherence to written policies, standards and protocols outlined in the Force Standing Orders and the Force Order issued weekly by the commissioner and also at instruction classes held with ranks by officers and subordinate officers within divisions and branches of the force.

The association will continue to consistently sensitise members concerning their role and professional responsibility in the performance of their duties and not to be engaged in conduct that is inimical to the public good and which will tarnish the image of the Guyana Police Force, the release added.

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