Man shot by police

A 27-year old man was yesterday morning shot in the buttocks during a confrontation with the police in Sandy Babb Street, Kitty after a relationship went sour.

According to the police, ranks were responding to a report of damage to property by Fitzroy Gibson, called ‘Bishop’ around 7 am yesterday, when the latter was shot. The police stated that ranks went to the Sandy Babb street location and during efforts to arrest Gibson, the man attacked the ranks with a cutlass causing the police to resort to the use of force.

Persons in the area told Stabroek News yesterday that Gibson hired a taxi from the Kitty Market area some time before 8 am yesterday to collect his belongings at Lot 72, Sandy Babb Street. The man, said to be ‘known,’ went into a yard and was seen arguing with his girlfriend. Neighbours related that the man had earlier argued with his partner and her relatives during which he had damaged several pieces of furniture in his partner’s home.

As Gibson packed his belongings into the waiting taxi, two police ranks arrived on the scene and confronted the man, following which he was shot twice. Persons at the scene told Stabroek News that the man ran away on seeing the police, but Gibson’s relatives have disputed this.

Gibson’s mother told Stabroek News that her son “had a problem” with a woman with whom he had a relationship and “wanted to move on.” She said her son went to the Sandy Babb Street location to collect his belongings, “but the girl family didn’t want to give him some clothes and a stove he move there with.” She said that her son’s wounds were not life-threatening and she could not recall him having had any brushes with the law.

Another of the man’s relatives told this newspaper that he had questioned the presence of the police as he collected his belongings. She said it was while he was walking away from the scene that he was shot by the police ranks.

Gibson was under police guard yesterday afternoon at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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