Breaking News: Dwarka Gangadeen charged with murder of wife

Following investigations and advice from the Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions, grasstrack racer Dwarka Gangadeen was this afternoon charged with the murder of his wife Bridgette and he is expected to appear in court tomorrow.

It culminates more than a week of vociferous rows over how Bridgette died which saw a Trinidad pathologist being called in for a second autopsy and her cremation being halted after Gangadeen moved to the courts. The cremation is now expected to occur tomorrow.

The police in a release this afternoon said that Dwarka Gangadeen was rearrested and charged with murder.

Two Sundays ago, Bridgette’s mangled remains were discovered on the Vigilance Public Road, a short distance from the entrance of the police station. Her body had “suspected marks of violence” and police initially said that they were treating the woman’s death as a murder. Government pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh subsequently concluded that it was crushing injuries to the head caused by a wheel and a fractured skull that had caused her death.

The woman’s relatives were adamant that Dwarka had killed her and requested that an independent post-mortem be done. They hired Trinidadian pathologist Professor Hubert Daisley to conduct an independent examination and a provisional report on his findings was submitted to the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters, Eve Leary on Friday night. The report, among other things, said that there was evidence of strangulation. Daisley is expected to send a complete report along with photographic evidence to the police.

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