East Bank man remanded over string of break-ins

Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday ordered that Nazim Omroo of Sarah Johanna, East Bank Demerara, be remanded to prison when he appeared before her accused of committing a string of break-ins in the East Bank Demerara area.

Omroo pleaded not guilty to five charges of break and enter and larceny along with robbery underarms when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

He denied that between March 3 and April 28 at East Bank Demerara, he broke and entered the homes of Leelawattie Hargobin, Kunta Waddell, Basmattie Ramdeen, Ronald Gibson and Ferdinand Moore and stole several items, including a laptop computer along with its holding case, an amplifier, a digital camera, a transformer, a quantity of gold and silver jewellery along with a quantity of cash, with a total value of over $750,000.

He also denied that on April 13, at Sarah Johanna, East Bank Demerara, he used a chopper to rob Leila Ally of $500.

Omroo in a pleading voice stated, “Ow ah asking foh mercy cause ah only break into one house and tief de laptop. Ah don’t know bout de other break-ins.”

He said that he sold the laptop which belonged to Waddell and had given the laptop case to another man to sell for him but the man stole the case from him.

He then lifted his jersey and exposed his back, then his arms which had several lacerations, stating that they were bullet wounds he had sustained shortly after breaking into Waddell’s home.

He said when he was taken to the police station he was given a severe beating and then thrown into the lock-ups for several days.

Prosecutor Stephen Telford then informed the court that none of the stolen items were recovered.

The magistrate transferred the case to the Providence Magistrate’s Court for today.

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