Cyclist hit down at Nootenzuil

A cyclist is in a serious condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was hit by a minibus at the Nootenzuil Public Road, East Coast Demerara last evening.

Raymond Seymour, in his late 40s and of Beehive, Mahaica, was riding west along the southern carriageway when he was hit by the minibus which was overtaking another. Seymour, according to a fellow villager who took him to the hospital, was pitched more than four yards after he was hit by the minibus.

“My husband and I were driving east around the Nootenzuil area …we were cruising along and then this other bus come from behind us to overtake us and then I heard the impact and I start to scream because I know there was a bicycle man there and then I couldn’t see him anymore,” the woman said.

Shortly after they stopped, she recalled, they discovered Seymour in the trench which runs along the road and when her husband, with the help of others, took him out she discovered that he was her fellow villager. Immediately, she said, she started pushing for them to take him to the hospital and an ambulance was called.

“We didn’t wait for the ambulance though, me and the driver who hit him get in another bus and brought him…we meet the ambulance at Success…the driver went to the police station and they were going to give him a breathalyzer test,” the woman further said.

The driver, this newspaper understands, remained in police custody up to last night.

Seymour’s niece, Christine, told Stabroek News at the hospital that her uncle lived with his two sons at Beehive. She said that he was a labourer and a very active man.

“I didn’t get to speak directly with the doctor but a nurse tell me that my uncle suffer injuries to the head,” Christine said, “and that he will be admitted.”

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