Duo jailed for separate larceny offences

Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday sentenced two men to two years imprisonment each for separate larceny offences in which a cellular phone and jewellery were taken.

Ryan Miggins of Meten-Meer-zorg and Sherwin Chichester, 22, both committed the crimes in Georgetown earlier this month.

On July 10 at a bus park Miggins, according to the police prosecutor, asked virtual complainant (VC) Ryan Rabbo to borrow his cellular phone. During this process, the prosecutor said, Miggins robbed Rabbo of his phone as well as a silver chain worth $18,000.

When the charge was read to Miggins he initially told the magistrate that he went to a dance and knew nothing about the robbery.

Based on this explanation Magistrate Robertson entered a not guilty plea for Miggins but the defendant then enquired how much time he could get for committing the act. After he was told, Miggins then admitted that he did commit the offence and he was given the two-year sentence.

Meanwhile, Chichester stole a gold chain worth $100,000 from Nafiza Yusuf. The defendant told Magistrate Robertson that Yusuf’s chain had been returned to her and he was sorry and was begging for the court’s mercy.

Chichester was charged with larceny from the person, which he committed on July 7.

His plea for the court’s mercy was denied and he too was sentenced to two years in prison.

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