GMC advises use of alternative sources of meat and protein

The Guyana Marketing Corporation is advising consumers to consider using alternative sources of meat and protein in their diet until the supply and price of chicken returns to normalcy.

At a meeting in the boardroom of the Ministry of Agriculture last week Friday, the Guyana Poultry Producers Association and other stakeholders in the poultry sector stated that there is adequate production in pens at present and according to projections the supply and price of chicken will return to normalcy within four to six weeks, a GMC press release stated.

In the meantime the GMC is advising consumers to consider alternative types of meat such as beef, pork and fish.

GMC said that persons who do not consume different types of meat are advised to consume pulses. Moreover, GMC noted, pulses, legumes and dals (split pulses) are cheaper sources of proteins compared to the animal sources. These include black-eye peas, channa, minica#4 (red peas) kidney beans, and split peas.

Pulses are rich in protein, carbohydrates and fibre, and low in fat which is mostly of the unsaturated kind. They are also important sources of some B vitamins.

Research has shown that regular consumption of fish which is high in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of various diseases and disorders such as cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, strokes and heart disease, the release added.

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