Boozy Night Shelter man jailed for stealing from fellow residents

A 27-year-old labourer  who resided at the East La Penitence Night Shelter  yesterday admitted  stealing a sum of money and other items and told the court  that he did so  because he wanted to purchase Banko wine and High Wine to drink.

He then  told the magistrate that he was  “willing to face whatever penalty” she was going to hand down to him.

On July 4 in  Georgetown, Lloyd Pollard of the East La Penitence Night Shelter stole from Seepersaud Doodnaught the sum of $19,000,  property of the said Seepersaud Doodnaught. On the same day also, Pollard stole from Devon Williams one cell phone valued $10,000 and a wristwatch valued $700, property of the said Devon Williams.

When the two counts of simple larceny were read to the defendant by acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson, he stated that  he did steal  the items from the virtual complainants.

Pollard explained to the court that he knew the cupboards in which the virtual complainants who are also members of the shelter kept their valuables. He said he stole the money and shared $9,000 of the amount  with other members of the shelter, including Williams, and he kept $10,000 for himself.

When asked why he stole the money, Pollard told acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson that he wanted to purchase Banko and High Wine.

“Meh worship, I thief the money cause I de want buy some Banko and high wine fuh drink.”

After explaining how and why he stole Seepersaud’s money,  Pollard  then told the court  about stealing  the items belonging to Williams. In a very plain spoken tone he told the magistrate that after spending the $10,000 he had stolen from Seepersaud on spirits, he asked Williams to borrow $500 to purchase some more liquor. Williams, however, refused to lend him the money and as a result he waited until the virtual complainant was asleep and stole his cell phone and watch.

Pollard said that after stealing the items he then decided to sell both of them for $3,500 in order to purchase more Banko and High Wine.

Doodnaught was not present at court and Williams declined to speak when given a chance by the magistrate.

Pollard, a  second-time offender,  was subsequently  sentenced to 24 months imprisonment.

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