Be vigilant over national symbols

The National Trust is appealing to the public to exercise vigilance over the nation’s monuments and other national symbols after vandals desecrated the 1763 Monument.

In a press release the agency which falls under the purview of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, said a visit to the site revealed that graffiti had been painted over two bronze plaques at the base of the monument. According to reports, a Mayor and City Council worker had observed a person of unsound mind making the unauthorised markings.

The Trust said it is dismayed at this act as it now necessitates careful removal of the paint in order to maintain the integrity of the symbol. The agency and ministry also plan to approach the Office of the President and the City Council engineers about boosting security at the site.

In the light of this, the Trust is urging the public to demonstrate their patriotism by protecting symbols of Guyana’s national heritage.

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