Breaking News: Linden to Kwakwani road now impassable because of flood

Severe flooding in the Region 10 area over the past several days has now resulted in the road connecting Linden to Kwakwani being impassable.

Assistant Regional Executive Officer of Region 10, Devon Bremner told Stabroek News from Kwakwani earlier today that two creeks at the bottom of a hill along the Kwakwani Road, between the Aroaima Junction and the Kwakwani Water Front, some five minutes from Ituni, overtopped last evening.

He said that the regional authorities had been monitoring the situation over the past two days and according to him, vehicles were cautiously using the road during this period. However, Bremner said that the motorists opted not to use the road today as the water level in the area rose significantly over the past 12 hours.

Bremner noted that the situation resulted in a medivac flight into the area around 10 this morning to evacuate a heavily pregnant woman.

While access to the area has been virtually cut off, this newspaper understands that there is an alternative route to the area through a road close to the RUSAL bauxite company operations, which leads into the Aroaima Trail and Ituni and eventually Linden. Travel along this route lasts several hours longer than the normal route, persons at Kwakwani related today.

Bremner said that several villages in the Kwakwani area had been under water over the past several days and regional officials will be travelling to those areas today to ascertain the extent of the flooding.

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