Noise nuisance accused also on disorderly behaviour charge

Thirty-seven-year-old Gregory Griffith of North Ruimveldt was on Tuesday placed on self-bail when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court for allegedly behaving disorderly as a result of being scolded for disturbing his neighbours by playing his stereo set loudly.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges of disorderly behaviour and noise nuisance when acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson read them to him.

He denied that on June 20, he operated a stereo set which played loud and continuous music much to the annoyance of his neighbours.

He also denied that on the same day and place within public view he behaved disorderly.

Griffith stated that on the day of the incident he was at home looking at a football game on television when his wife informed him that several policemen were at their door asking for him.

He said that when he got there one of the policemen started to use indecent language towards him while accusing  him of playing loud music that disturbed his neighbours.

He said that he voiced his displeasure at the policeman’s approach and locked his door but when he looked through his window he saw two more officers jumping over his fence.

He said that he reopened his door and explained the situation to them but was soon arrested and taken to the police station.

However, the prosecutor noted that Griffith often chose to play his music loudly during the service at a nearby church.

She noted that he was scolded many times for doing so but would still play his music loudly.

The magistrate then transferred the case to Court Two for September 17.

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