Machine readable passports fraud major challenge for border security -Rohee

Persons have attempted to commit identity theft with the new machine readable passport, according to Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, who called it a major challenge to border security officials.

Speaking at a CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) and Inter-American Commission for Drug Control (CICAD) training programme for border security officials, Rohee noted that border security is a critical component of national security, which requires constant attention, capacity building and institutional strengthening. He reminded border security officials that they are the first line protectors and enforcers of national security. “It is they who we rely on to prevent and detect identity fraud and theft,” he said.

The IMPACS/CICAD training programme was held at the Police Officers Annex, Eve Leary earlier this month.

According to Rohee, as part of CARICOM, Guyana has benefitted immensely from joint cooperation and collaboration on regional security issues, including border security. He added that with the continuous functioning of the Joint Regional Communications Center (JICE), the region has come a far way. However, he noted that it is imperative that nationals are not discriminated against or disadvantaged while travelling in the region.

In this regard, Rohee pointed out that Guyana has publicly expressed its support for the CARICOM Travel Card Project (CARIPASS) and that the country is prepared to work and participate in activities leading to the finalisation of the operational guidelines of the project. He said the training of the region’s officials by IMPACS is viewed as a critical and timely intervention towards achieving the goal of making the cards a reality.

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