Vacationing teen in jail over theft of cousin’s laptop

Adrian James, 18, of Norton Street, Lodge, was on Thursday ordered to be kept in police custody by acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson for allegedly stealing his cousin’s laptop computer and his uncle’s cell phone.

The Barbadian-based Guyanese pleaded not guilty to two summary charges of simple larceny when he appeared before the magistrate at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. He denied that on July 13, he stole a laptop computer valued at $150,000, the property of Hakeema Figueira as well as a cable and a cellular phone, both totalling $41,000 and the property of Keith Hudson.

The boy’s aunt, Marilyn James, who was also present in court, stated that he told her that he did not steal the articles mentioned in the charge but that he left the door to their home opened so that his friend could steal them.

Prosecutor Alexis David-Hossanah said a neighbour saw James giving the computer to his friend.

The aunt stated that the defendant had been on vacation in Guyana for several months. She added that she was willing to resolve the matter if the computer and phone are returned.

The magistrate ordered the defendant return to court on July 26.

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