ERC hosts film festival, interactive sessions

The Ethnic Relations Com-mission (ERC) said it recently concluded five “successful” interactive sessions and film festival with about 205 youths in regions four and ten.

In a press release the ERC said the film festivals are aimed at teaching youths to practice tolerance and respect across the races and to engage them on how to foster racial unity. Fifteen youths from the Linden Technical Institute, 45 students and teachers from the Linden School of Excellence, 60 students from Mackenzie High and 40 from the Linden Academy participated in the sessions.

The commission said it also met 42 youths at Dora Primary School on the Linden Soesdyke Highway who are currently participating in a Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Summer Camp. Participants were given a brochure which outlined the ERC’s mandate and they were informed about its current programme. They were also treated to two short films Dinner for Two and Guyana Skit. The audience was encouraged to discuss the themes featured in the movies in order to foster an appreciation of other perspectives on unity. The ERC said several participants also made suggestions about how to create a more cohesive and tolerant society.

Additionally, the group said it met several public and private sector agencies. As part of its work plan for the year, the ERC met 35 ranks and officers of the Guyana Defence Force at Camp Stephenson, 93 ranks and officers from Camp Ayangana and 18 staffers from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

These participants were shown two video clips depicting situations of conflict.

The videos shown: Elbow Room Distances and Guyana Skit were used to generate discussion and several recommendations were made about how to improve relationships in the workplace and in communities.

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