Stench from rotting carcass forces trial to adjourn

The stench from a rotting carcass in the vicinity of the High Court building in New Amsterdam yesterday forced the adjournment of the trial of Alfred Campbell called Sobers, who is alleged to have murdered his stepson Travis Cleon Fraser, on January 22, 2004.

Justice Brassington Reynolds adjourned the trial to today after a juror complained that she was unable to bear the odour. Following the original complaint, Justice Reynolds had called a short recess to allow the court marshal to seek out the source of the stench.

When the court reconvened after ten minutes, the marshal reported that a mare had delivered just outside the fenced courtyard on Friday, but the newborn subsequently died, and its carcass remained at the location despite efforts by its owners to remove same.

According to reports, unsuccessful efforts were made for the town council to take away the dead animal.

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