Ministry publishes youth-friendly manuals

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport has produced two manuals aimed at enhancing youth-friendly spaces.

According to a press release the publications are titled Managing Youth-Friendly Clubs in Guyana and The Manual on Civic Education For Youth in Guyana. The ministry said the guidebook recognises that “clubs were and could still be the type of association which best promotes both social interaction and cohesion.” In the light of this, the publication addresses every aspect of the nature, organisation and establishment of youth clubs and is a “useful guide for those tasked with either establishing new clubs or enhancing clubs already in existence.” The ministry said technical and professional expertise and requirements vital to a successful club culture along with the needed administrative capacities are presented in a simple format for stakeholders.

The second publication, subtitled “Maximising the Development Value for Youth in Guyana” is a “comprehensive Civic Education Handbook and Guide for Youth Leaders, Trainers and Administrators”, the release said. The ministry said it has been crafted to be used in its regional youth offices and in the countrywide camps its hosts.

The manual includes teaching-and-learning techniques for both trainers and youth ages 14 to 25.

The manual is expected to build and expand on the ministry’s work in civic education and is another tool to be used to transmit knowledge, to develop social skills and promote national pride.

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