Rank who beat Winston Miller spotted in uniform at Bartica

One of the ranks accused of brutalizing Bartica businessman Winston Miller Snr in June was last evening spotted in the community dressed in uniform.

Miller told Stabroek News last evening that just after 8 pm, his son told him that the rank stood in the path of his vehicle which was on First Avenue in the vicinity of the Police Station and started to dance.

The infuriated Miller said that he later called the station to inquire about the rank and was told that he came up with prisoners on Tuesday.

This newspaper was unable to reach any senior police official to ascertain why the rank was in Bartica.
Several weeks ago, Miller who is now blind in one eye as a result of the incident, spotted another one of the ranks being appointed to Cadet Officer.

On that occasion he told this newspaper that the police had deceived him since they led him into believing that the three ranks were still under close arrest at the Tactical Services Unit.

The last word from police officials on the investigation was that the file was with the Office of Professional Responsibility.

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