Residents want proper work on eroded Ituni trail

As efforts continue to fix an impassable section of the Ituni/Kwakwani trail, persons in the area are calling on the relevant authorities to monitor work undertaken in the area to ensure its quality.

Ituni residents told Stabroek News that an impassable section of the trail, which was washed away last weekend following a heavy downpour, was being repaired yesterday by officials of the Public Works Ministry but the problem may not be remedied anytime soon.

Ituni residents told this newspaper yesterday that the trail is used daily by logging companies as well as the bauxite company at Aroaima. They said that the trail was repaired sometime last year but the quality of the work done left much to be desired as  a few weeks after the works were completed the trail began to deteriorate.

An elderly resident stated that the trail is usually coated with different layers of soil and a capping material would then be laid on top to ensure the trail holds.

He said that the last time works were undertaken, this was not done and he noted that the inclement weather conditions experienced in the Region 10 area over the past several months resulted in many roads deteriorating.

Another resident stated that the trail is used by a number of logging companies, 10 of which are from the timber association in Ituni. He said that the roads are usually maintained by the government but works undertaken on the trail needed to be upgraded and he noted that road works carried out in the area should be monitored. The man pointed out that the trail provides economic access to the surrounding communities, while passengers travel between the coastland and the sandy area on a daily basis.

Residents in the area told Stabroek News that several culverts were ferried to the affected area along the roadway, which is located some six miles from Ituni on the way to Kwakwani, yesterday and engineers on the ground are hoping to establish a temporary by-pass close to the area.

The washed out section of the trail is approximately 250m in length and it is located close to the Kamakabra Creek; in better conditions the creek passed under the trail via culverts.

Residents explained that the water in the creek rose to high levels last week leading to the trail being washed away.

A temporary solution saw an embankment, on which an old, aluminum-transport, train line sat, being broken to drain the water out of the affected area but the force of the water saw the hilly area being eroded.

Meanwhile, residents at Kwakwani remained under several inches of water yesterday but with improving weather conditions, they were hoping for the best yesterday.

Though regional officials in the area could not give an update on the situation because of departmental instructions, it was noted by residents that the area had experienced several days of sunshine since last weekend.

The authorities have responded to the on-going situation by dispatching several teams to the area, including medical personnel, public works and agriculture teams. The Ministry of Agriculture has stated that regional bodies, local authorities as well as residents should be on the alert as the rainy weather may continue until the end of this month.

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