Kwakwani trail reopens to small vehicles

A temporary solution has been affected along an impassable section of the Ituni/Kwakwani Road, but only small vehicles are able to travel through the area.

Residents in the Ituni area told Stabroek News yesterday that Public Works Ministry officials have been able to successfully construct a bridge along the sides of the section of the trail which washed away last week following heavy downpours. A mini-bus operator in the Region 10 community told Stabroek News that as of yesterday, minibuses and other smaller vehicles were able to cross the section of the road, which measures approximately 250M in length. He said that trucks, most of which transport lumber and tractors, are still unable to travel along the roadway but he noted that a solution is being examined in this regard.

Another resident at Ituni related that the water level has dropped significantly over the past three days but according to him earthen works need to be undertaken to build up the affected area along the road.

The impassable section of the road is located some six miles from Ituni on the way to Kwakwani, close to the Kamababra Creek. Water from the creek, which is located at the bottom of a slope, overtopped and flooded the roadway and the road eventually eroded last weekend.

Residents in the area told this newspaper recently that the trail was repaired sometime last year but the quality of the work done left much to be desired.

They said a few weeks after the works were completed, the trail began to deteriorate. They have since called on the relevant authorities to monitor works undertaken on roads in the area.

Meanwhile, communities in the region have seen a drop in the water level, after several weeks of flooding. Residents at Kwakwani told Stabroek News yesterday that several inches of water have receded from their surroundings, since the area was experiencing periods of sunshine over the past few days.

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