Six months for police station escape

Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday sentenced Sonnel Pollard, 29, to six months imprisonment for escaping from a police station.

Pollard was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to the charge of escape from lawful custody when he appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. He had escaped from the Anna Regina Police Station, after being placed in police custody on a breaking and entering charge.

He admitted that on July 22, at the Anna Regina Police Station, being in lawful custody on a charge of breaking and entering, he escaped.

He explained that his wife is stricken with cancer and is at home while his four young children are left unattended. As a result, he said he had asked a policeman at the station for a call to check on his family but was refused, leading to his decision to escape.

Police Prosecutor Stephen Telford stated that Pollard was placed in custody because he couldn’t afford the $75,000 bail that he had been granted in a breaking and entering case before the court. Telford added that during lunch time, when a policeman was taking lunch for Pollard, he pushed the officer down and ran out of the station. Pollard was later found at a street not far from the police station and he was then rearrested and charged for escaping.

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