Injured cop says assailant ambushed him

– after he blocked drugs sale
“We have no problem; this is a serious thing,” Parashuram Samsundar said from his hospital bed on Friday.  “I want to tell you the truth about what happened that night,” he added.

Samsundar, a detective constable is nursing a fractured skull and other injuries after he was brutally attacked by a man he had a previous dispute with on Wednesday night.

According to him, on the night, he was heading home on his motorcycle and as he approached a bridge, he saw the assailant by some bushes with a cutlass in his hand.

He said he got off his bike and began to run, but fell and in the process his helmet came off. The man began chopping him with the weapon.  He said he tried to block the shots and sustained injuries to his hands.  Afterwards, he said, he was made to walk with the man behind him, the weapon pressed to his back. He said persons in the area saw the attack but no one went to his help.

He said the man told him “I gun kill you tonight.” 

When he saw the chance, Samsundar made an escape bid by running to a minibus, but the driver refused to take him in his state. Nevertheless he forced his way in and locked the door, thus forcing the man to abandon his plan.

Samsundar has levelled allegations against the man claiming that he sells drugs in the community. The attack occurred because, “I stand up and they can’t get to sell their drugs.” He also said that the man is a former soldier.

He said the previous problems with the assailant came when he had told the man’s father that he had stolen articles from his home.  Three days later, he alleged, the man and his wife went to his home and abused his pregnant wife.  At the police station, the man made a report that Samsundar had wounded him but he refuted that claim. He added that he made a report to the police and though instructions were passed down by senior officers that the man be charged, nothing was ever done.

He said the man had threatened to kill him before and constantly boasts of his police connections and that “nobody can do him anything.”  He said a couple weeks ago, he attempted to carry out a drugs raid in the community but this information was leaked as such the raid never materialised.

During the interview, Samsundar referred to the growing drugs problem in the community and said that it affects nearly everybody there.

“I can forgive him for what he did but not for the drugs in the community,” he added.

A senior police officer has told Stabroek News that the suspect who is a fisherman has retuned to the seas.

Samsundar of River View, Mahaica continues to be a patient of the High Dependency Unit of the Georgetown Hospital where his condition is listed as stable.  He is attached to the Cove and John Police Station.

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