Galton House leads in St Stanislaus Championships

St Stanislaus College Secondary hosted the track events of its Inter-House Athletics Championships at the GCC Ground, Bourda, yesterday and will now determine who will represent the school at the North Georgetown Zone Champion of Champions Athletics meet.

Number One! Arms stretched wide, Tevin Spencer signals his first place finish as he makes his way to the finishing line while on his left Arthur Scipio fights to his second place finish and left of Scipio, David Braithwaite comes down in third place. (Photo by Orlando Charles)

And in an epic battle of the Houses, Galton House  emerged the leader with a tally so far of 662 points while Butler House trails by two points, and the other two Houses Weld and Etheridge ended things on an even note accumulating 622 points each.

The events are scheduled to be completed today and all winners will be formally declared.

Both Galton and Butler Houses have kept a tight race for the primary position, while Weld and Etheridge are fighting for the third spot.

Having initiated a lead with 273 points on Wednesday after the end of most of the field events, Galton maintained the edge with stellar performances from athletes Lisa Henry and  Tanesha Arthur in the girls open category, and Darroll Williams in the boys under-16 category, and Natesha Seymour in the girls under-12.

Meanwhile, having ended in the penultimate position on Wednesday with 256 points, Butler headed by House Master Vonda Wayne launched a blistering attack in their track events and was thrust forward on the abilities of its leading athletes Tevin Spencer in the boys open category, and Deandrea Cummings in the girls under-16 category.

Etheridge, after ending Wednesday in second place with 261 points, had to share third place with Weld, who had accumulated 231 from the completed field events.

In the open 100m, Galton dominated the girls category  capturing the first two spots, while Butler did the same in the male arena. For the male side, it was Spencer to the fore, and there was no questioning this athlete’s win as he ran past the finishing line with outstretched arms signaling number one. In second spot, Butler’s Arthur Scipio fought for his take from Galton’s David Braithwaite, who had to settle in  third.

Scipio came back for another second in the 200m where he was beaten by Weld’s Neil Gordon, and Etheridge’s Lyndon Wilson was third.   Gordon had spearheaded some of Weld’s most significant  points with first place takes in the 400m and 800m races as well. In the 400m Gordon came in ahead of Wilson, while Spencer, originally running fourth was propelled to the third place position after third place finisher Braithwaite was disqualified.

In the 800m, Gordon once again preceded Scipio and Galton’s Kevin Henry was third.

Over in the under-16 category, Williams ran in second in the boys 100m and  first in the 200m. In the 100m Williams lost the ultimate position to Butler’s Kwasi Thompson, while Etheridge’s national junior lawn tennis star, Gavin Lewis was third. In the 200m Lewis was second and Thompson was third.

In other notable performances on the male side, Weld’s Muazz Inshan  shone in the under-16 category with wins in the under-16 400m and 800m races and in the 1500m open race. Also performing with distinction was Butler’s Travis Belgrave in the under-14 category and Akel April in the under-12 category.

On the female side, in the open 100m Galton took the first two spots, compliments of Henry in first position and Arthur in second. Abeena Peters of Etheridge was third. In the 200m, Henry produced another first place finish and Peters got a second while Akeela Europe was third.

Peters finally made her way to the fore when she took to the tracks for the 400m, where Weld’s Christie Caleb came in second and Candy Moore was third.

Butler’s Cummings was first in her 100m, 200m and 400m races  and Butler’s Wannita Long added some influential points with her first place win in the girls under-16 800m and the girls open 1500m.

On the Galton side, a leading performance was presented by Ruth Sanmoogan, who dominated in the girls under-14 100m and 200m events while Natesha Seymour did the same thing over in the girls under-12 category.

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