Ministry will not sit idly and allow road carnage – Rohee

In a message to mark Road Safety Month – days after a horrific crash claimed 12 lives – Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee says his ministry will not sit idly by and allow the carnage on the roads to continue.

“While we will intensify our education and road safety campaign, the Guyana Police Force will take whatever steps necessary to curb this worrying trend.

“Government agencies and NGOs that are responsible for the safe use of our roads are working together to ensure that technology and better road designs are used more effectively to complement the prevention and enforcement activities of the Guyana Police Force.

“It is accepted that the reduction of road accidents cannot be attained without the support and cooperation of all citizens. On the occasion of Road Safety Month 2010, I take this opportunity to urge all road users – pedestrians, motor cyclists, cyclists, minibus, hire car and truck drivers, and all other categories of road users, to act more responsibly when using our roads”, Rohee urged.

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