Body of man who fell into Potaro found

Almost two weeks after he fell into the Potaro River, the badly decomposing remains of Matthew Thomas was found floating near the Three Miles falls on Sunday night and was buried in the area the following day after a simple funeral service.

Thomas’ stepmother Ruth Bacchus told Stabroek News from her home in Mahdia yesterday that a miner who was working close to the falls saw carrion crows circling and being aware that Thomas was missing and feared drowned decide to check.

She said that the man who owns a dredge and who is also a resident of Mahdia reached the spot on Sunday night and after making a positive identification made contact with them. The police were also contacted the woman said.

The following day, she, one of Thomas’ sisters and his father journeyed to the area. According to Bacchus, the remains which had been trapped between two falls were badly decomposed.

She said that they had no choice but to bury the remains nearby. She said following the recital of several prayers, he was buried.

She noted that ever since he disappeared on October 19, persons have been searching for his body. “We didn’t give up. We kept searching… and we are happy that we found him”, she said adding that at least they had a chance to see him one last time and bury him.

Thomas, a 45-year-old of St Lucia who migrated to Guyana worked with his father as a sailor. According to reports he went to dip water from the Potaro River around 9 pm and fell overboard. He was discovered missing about an hour later.

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