Cops still to make break in Linden teen’s ‘kidnapping’

Over a week after a Linden teenager claimed she was kidnapped, police are no closer to identifying the alleged kidnappers but the investigation continues, Divisional Com-mander David Ramnarine said yesterday.

“We have not identified any of the alleged abductors…” Ramnarine told Stabroek News when contacted. He said there are still some details that needed clearing up. He added that he was happy that Alicia McAlister, 16, has received medical assistance and is also receiving counseling and support. “I am happy the child is coming around and that she is receiving much needed counseling and so on,” he said.

On October 23, the teen reported to relatives that she had been contacted. Later, she informed that “the men” had dropped her off at a Block 22, Wisroc location. Police and relatives later found her in a dishevelled state. Her hands were tied in front of her and she was holding her cellular phone. While she complained of pain in the neck, there were no visible marks of violence about her body.

The reported kidnapping had seen hundred of Lindeners and police searching for McAlister. After she was found, she was admitted to the Linden Hospital Complex and later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Relatives had said the teen had left her Block 22 Wisroc home for church rehearsals. During the session, a colleague said the girl was constantly on her cellular phone and was in a hurry to leave. When she did leave rehearsals, at about 8 pm, during a power outage, she went to a nearby internet café.

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