Linden robber found hiding in septic tank

The quick response of police and public-spirited persons resulted in the capture of a bandit and the recovery of $50,000 belonging to Banks DIH’s Linden branch yesterday.

The man is currently in police custody awaiting formal charges at the Christianburg Magistrates’ Court later today. He is likely to be charged with armed robbery.

According to police, at about 12:20 hours yesterday, a Banks DIH driver/salesman was making a delivery in a company truck at Wisroc, Linden. He was attacked by a man armed with a firearm and the robber carted away $50,000 before escaping.

The police Anti-Crime Patrol promptly responded to a report of the robbery and caught the suspect hiding in a septic tank in the area. An unlicensed .38 revolver along with four matching rounds and all the stolen cash were recovered by the police.

Eyewitnesses told Stabroek News that the driver was in the front of the truck preparing an order while two porters were at the rear. The robber approached the porters under the pretext that he wanted to make a purchase and held the men at gunpoint. They were ordered to hand over all the cash and they complied. The man then escaped into the new extension at Wisroc.

“He didn’t know the place at all ’cause he woulda know he had no way out,” said an eyewitness. She added after an alarm was raised by the beverage company employees, scores of residents, including a number of students of the nearby Wisburg Secondary, circled the area. “Same time the police dem arrive and lick a couple shots in the air and he give up.” The man had hidden in an incomplete septic tank.

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