Mandela Ave. accident victims recovering at home

-driver charged

The four people hit by a drunk driver Saturday night on Mandela Avenue are recuperating at home while the driver has been charged.

This is according to one of the injured Geneesa La Rose, 19 of 4589 Rasville West Ruimveldt. On Monday, Geneesa, who is nearly six months pregnant, said that she, her mother and the two children, who were all injured in the accident, were treated at the hospital and then sent home.

She added that the doctors gave her a slip and told her that on December she should take an ultrasound. Geneesa sustained grazes to the left side of her face, her hands and her right foot.

Her mother, meanwhile, Lorraine LaRose, 46, was still in pain, Geneesa said. “She crying out she throat hurting,” Geneesa said. Her mother has to return to the hospital on November 10.

Also complaining about pains is Samantha Nichols, 17. According to her mother, Mary Fordyce, “she is a asthma case.” Fordyce said that Saturday at the hospital her daughter was given pain tablets and sent away. “They ain’t even give she an x-ray,” the woman lamented. Her daughter, she added, had to be taken to the hospital again on Sunday, where she was given an injection and was sent away.

Meanwhile, Tenisha Waldron, 13 also of Rasville, was feeling somewhat better despite her swollen eye. Nichols had told this newspaper that they were all going home from church the night of the accident when they were hit by a drunk driver. The accident occurred some time after 10pm Saturday night.

Meanwhile, the driver was said to have made an appearance in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and was placed on bail. This is according to Fordyce. However, the woman noted that Police were still to come take a statement from her daughter.

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