PNCR calls for bolstering of traffic dept

The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) yesterday called for the strengthening of the Police Traffic Department and implementation of an ongoing programme of traffic education for all Guyanese. The major opposition party in a press release yesterday also condemned what it described as “the daily manifestation of the reckless use of the country’s roads and the evident disregard and disrespect for the Highway Code and the traffic laws of Guyana.”

The party noted that the latest large scale loss of life from this “unacceptable behaviour” was the tragic accident which occurred on Friday, October 29 in Corentyne, Berbice.

The PNCR extended  condolences to the families, relatives and friends of the twelve persons who perished and also wished for a speedy recovery of the five survivors.According to the PNCR, “it should by now be evident even to the Minister of Home Affairs that there is urgent need to strengthen the Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force and to institute a compulsory on-going programme of Traffic Education for all Guyanese, particularly the drivers of mini-buses, hire cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles, motorbikes and pedestrians.”  The party noted too that even members of the Guyana Police Force “can be seen violating the traffic laws with reckless abandon.”

Meanwhile, in light of the road carnage the party has recommended that “the requirements for the issuing of drivers’ licences need to be tightened with compulsory retesting for licence renewals, at, say, intervals of five  years, for drivers of mini-buses, hire cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles.”

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