Traffic intersection rehab project 30% complete

-traffic engineer

The Ministry of Public Works has commenced a $88M Geometric Improvements to Traffic Light Intersections Project and to date 30 percent of the work has been done.

Traffic/Road Safety Engineer of the ministry Nigel Erskine stated that all the junctions on Vlissengen Road will be enhanced and work has commenced at Vlissengen and Thomas Road, where construction of most of the sidewalks have been completed and construction of footbridges and lay-by (shoulders) for buses are in progress, according to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release.

Meanwhile, contractor Errol Cush has commenced works at the junction of Mandela Avenue and Aubrey Barker Road, where the carriageway has to be widened by 4.5 metres. In addition, sidewalks leading to the bus stop on Mandela Avenue will be installed.

Erskine stated that the project is expected to be concluded by mid-February and when completed will improve the safety of pedestrians at traffic light intersections; increase the rate at which vehicles flow at junctions when the light changes to green; and protect traffic light infrastructure as barriers will be installed around traffic light components.

GINA noted that the ministry is working towards improving road safety infrastructure along roadways, particularly in heavily traversed areas.

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