Diamond man chopped five times after greeting woman

-enraged husband rushed out of yard with cutlass

When a Diamond resident extended a  morning greeting to a neighbourhood woman the last thing he expected was to be attacked by her enraged, cutlass-wielding husband.

Rajendra Persaud, 46, of Lot 13 Diamond, East Bank Demerara was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) last evening. The man was treated for approximately five chop wounds about the body.

His wife, Sattie, told Stabroek News at the medical institution just after 7 last night that she was at work when the incident occurred. It was a neighbour, Sattie explained, who took Persaud to the police and then the Diamond Diagnostic Centre (DDC).

The woman said that her husband told her that he left their Diamond home to go for a walk “up the street”. As he walked by one of the yards, Sattie said he had related to her, he saw a woman, nodded to her and raised his hand in greeting.

Shortly after this, Sattie said she was told, the woman’s husband came rushing out of the yard armed with a cutlass and attacked Persaud. Her husband, she explained, sustained chops to both hands, his shoulders, back and cuts about the face. Persaud is currently a patient in the Male Surgical Ward.
The neighbour who assisted Persaud told Stabroek News that the incident occurred some time before 10 am yesterday. At 10 am, she said, she called the Diamond Police Station which is located in the Diamond New Housing Scheme.

“I was very disappointed all around with the response I got from them,” she stated adding that, “When I called them that first time at 10 am they told me that they had no vehicle there because it had gone to get gas.”

The woman said that she put the bleeding Persaud in a car and transported him to the police station first. When they arrived there, she said, they were given a medical form and directed to the DDC

“Well when we got to that hospital at Diamond there I was disappointed a second time in the public service…the waiting time was very long for such a man who had been chopped and then when they finally saw him they just referred him to the Georgetown Hospital,” the woman said.
After Persaud was referred to the city hospital, she further related, she returned with him for a second time to the police station. During this second visit, according to her, Persaud gave police a statement and they were informed that the perpetrator was at his home.

“We were informed that they didn’t have enough police officers there and that they would send someone in the morning. You believe that? You going to hear joke if they show up there in the morning and the man gone,” she stated.

She and Persaud then journeyed to the GPHC where he waited several more hours in the Accident and Emergency Unit before he was seen by a doctor. When Stabroek News visited the medical institution some time before 6.30 pm the man had just been taken in to see the doctor.
The neighbour also reported that this is the second time the man had attacked someone for being courteous to his wife.

“Just the other day the same man chop up another man cause the man pass and tell his wife good afternoon,” the neighbour said.

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