French Fire Brigade donates to GFS

The French Fire Brigade on Tuesday presented several pieces of rescue equipment comprising emergency aid kits, resuscitation equipment, stretchers, burn treatment kits and disinfectant to the Guyana Fire Service.

Chief Fire Officer Marlon Gentle said the items will aid the building of skills and boost the capacity of the service especially since within the last few years the GFS has been called out to assist in the removal of persons involved in vehicular accidents.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release the GFS and the French Fire Brigade have been engaging in several conferences, workshops and training sessions, in both countries in an effort to enhance skills.

Honorary Consul General for France Pierre Saint-Arroman said there has been much cooperation between the French Army, Guyana Defence Force and Guyana Police Force, where officers have been participating in defence and computer training. With regard to the fire brigades’ partnership, Saint-Arroman noted that the sharing of information is critical since infrastructure in the two countries is different.

According to Police Attache at the French Embassy – Suriname and Guyana, George Marceau, over the last two years the Embassy has been developing cooperation in civil society in both countries.

This is an indication of increased integration between the Guianas.
GINA said officers of the French Fire Brigade and the GFS are currently engaged in a workshop to share knowledge in the use of various equipment including those presented to the GFS.

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