Local govt ministry, private company clean East La Penitence canal

The Ministry of Local Government has collaborated with a private company, Netram and Sons to excavate the East La Penitence canal to boost drainage and promote a healthier environment.

According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release Netram and Sons provided a hymac to the community to start cleaning exercises after residents complained that it had not been cleaned in over a decade. Minister within the Ministry of Health Dr Bheri Ramsaran conducted inspections at the work site on Monday. He said he was happy with the efforts made by the Local Government Minister Kellawan Lall and the company, to get the canal cleaned.

He said that he was also pleased with the pace at which the hymac is working and that the vegetation and silt that are being removed will reduce public health threats, as persons were at high risk of developing water borne diseases. He then urged residents to desist from dumping garbage into the canal and encouraged them to cooperate to maintain it and keep it clean.

Manager of Netram and Sons Devina Atwell noted that the excavation will lead to the free flow of water through the canal and will result in reduced flooding once it is kept clean.

She added that the project is estimated to be completed within one month; however it may have to extend as a result of unforeseen weather conditions.

East La Penitence resident Stacy Yansen who has resided in the area for about 29 years, said she is grateful to the government and private sector for their collaborative effort to have the canal cleaned. She said that after more than a decade, the community will now have an enhanced drainage system, which will lead to a reduction in the number of mosquitoes all resulting in a healthier environment for residents.

Yansen also noted that clearing of the canal will remove a hiding place for thieves who were a threat to the community. She encouraged persons form the community to form a committee to ensure that they contribute to the maintenance of the canal and she urged them to refrain from dumping refuse into it.

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