Cash, items stolen from Bladen Hall school

–thieves had keys

Police are investigating the theft of a number of items including cash and computer parts from the Bladen Hall Multilateral School and it is believed that the perpetrators had inside help.

Workers attached to the school’s canteen turned up around 7 am yesterday and found the padlocks that secure a grilled gate leading to the headmistress’s office on the floor. The room was ransacked.

A senior police officer when contacted confirmed the incident but pointed out that there were “no signs of breakage”. The officer explained that sometime after 9 am the matter was reported and when ranks turned up to investigate they found the headmistress’s office ransacked.
He said officials at the school reported that money, a CPU system and a DVD player were among the items missing.
No one has yet been held and investigations are continuing.

A source at the school yesterday said that the incident is unacceptable since the school has 24-hour security from a city firm.
The source said that often the guards on the night shift would turn up intoxicated and questioned where they were, when the HM’s office was being violated.

The source said too that officials at the school strongly believe that the perpetrators were provided with information and given a key.
“Dem guards lapsing man. Three of them suppose to be working the night shift,” the source told Stabroek News.
When the discovery of the theft was made at 7 am, the night guards had already been relieved.

The source added that the deputy HM’s office was ransacked as well and the money which was stolen was removed from a drawer in the HM’s office, which was damaged by the perpetrators.
Classes continued as usual yesterday.

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