Iran team continuing talks on mineral mapping

A delegation from Iran headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Behrooz Kamalvandi, met President Bharrat Jagdeo on Wednesday to continue discussions on fulfilling several of the recent agreements between Guyana and Iran, according to the Government Information Agency.

One agreement is the proposed mapping of mineral reserves. GINA said an initial report on the process was compiled and presented to the Guyanese officials after a visit by a team from the Geological Survey of Iran in March this year. However the Deputy Foreign Minister said the process must be intensified. “This is one area we are going to follow up to see if there is going to be that possibility here,” the Deputy Foreign Minister told GINA.

Questions have been raised about the mineral mapping in light of the stand-off between Iran and the west over its nuclear power ambitions and particularly the enrichment of uranium. New sanctions imposed upon it by the UN also pertain to uranium-related ventures in countries like Guyana. This country is believed to have significant uranium deposits.

The delegation’s visit to Guyana will also include a discussion with other counterparts in the Guyana Government such as the Foreign Minister to continue the process of collaboration. between the two countries.

“We are supporting each other in international arenas and international organisations. We think that the closer cooperation between our two countries can benefit our two peoples,” Minister Kamalvandi said.

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