Police in stand-off with Amelia’s Ward gunman

A Linden gunman has been keeping police at bay in his attempt to escape their grasp after he terrorized a family and taxi driver in the early morning hours yesterday.

According to reliable sources the man knocked on the door of a family of Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie sometime between 2 am and 3 am yesterday. “Deh man open he door and he see dis man with a AK 47 and a shot gun and he was asking for a certain man.” said a neighbour who requested not to be named. He related that after the resident refused to give directions an argument ensued between the two after which the gun-toting man left. The man was barefoot.

About half-hour later a taxi driver attached to the Fantasia Comfort Zone service, had the scare of his life when he came face to face with the gunman who fired at his car. “De driver speed pass he and de bullet missed de car.” As the car turned into Park Lane the driver noticed the man holding the two guns in his hands and after seeing the car he fired a single shot which missed the car.

A report was immediately made to the Mackenzie Police Station and the car was detained until later in the morning. Residents recalled seeing police patrolling the area a short time after but they subsequently abandoned their search.

Ranks returned to the scene yesterday afternoon following reports of residents spotting the man in the Park Lane area.   Up to press time he had not been held.

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