Army officers presented with border defence, military efficiency medals

Twenty-four senior and junior non-commissioned officers and Major Colin Henry were presented with medals at Base Camp Ayanganna by Colonel General Staff Bruce Lovell who deputised for Chief of Staff Commodore Gary Best.

In a brief congratulatory address, Colonel Lovell lauded their dedication and service and acknowledged their choice of a challenging profession. He stated that they were unlike many young adults who choose careers that offer security and comfort and keep them close to their loved ones.

“You have chosen a demanding life and a profession that insists on high standards of integrity, professionalism and good conduct in personal life.

You have given many years of exceptional service and some of you have continuously manned our borders under conditions that were far from ideal and for this you have earned the respect and admiration of not only the Guyana Defence Force but I dare say this entire nation,” the colonel said.

The awards, he said, were in recognition of their loyalty and honesty and it was expected that they would not be involved in activities that would bring discredit upon themselves, families, the force and the country.

“I charge you therefore to remain strong, resolute, and clinical in the execution of your task.

Your commitment to serve must continue to include honesty, integrity, fearlessness and selflessness. I charge you today to be firm and unwavering in your pursuit to maintain secure borders and a safe environment for all of this country,” Colonel Lovell stated.

The Military Efficiency Medal is awarded to serving members of the force who have completed at least 10 years of efficient service.

The Border Defence Medal may be awarded to any officer or other rank serving in a unit deployed within 100 kilometres of a hostile border. The individual becomes eligible for the award on completion of 365 days of such service.

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