Cellink customers can win cars, air travel in ‘Textmas’ promotion

Lucky G T&T’s Cellink customers can win more than a Christmas bonanza as monthly prizes of motorcycles, air travel and cars are up for grabs in GT&T’s ‘Textmas’ promotion.

According to a release from the telephone company, thousands of cellink customers will win prizes its Textmas promotion.

Three customers will drive off in brand new Mazda RX8 sports cars. Another trio will wing out to Caribbean destinations, while another three will ride off on motorcycles.

“It’s easy! Customers just have to do what they like doing best – text — to earn a chance of becoming one of the lucky winners,” the company said in its recent release.

GT&T kick-started the promotion on November 7 and it will run until January 31, 2011. GT&T said that no one is being left out; both pre-paid and post-paid mobile subscribers will have the opportunity to win, while a similar but separate promotion is set for its staff

Customers can win only if they participate in a daily SMS interactive game and a sweepstakes raffle that awards them with the grand prize of the cars.

To enter the daily interactive SMS game contest, customers should send a text with the word ‘win’ to 620-PLAY (7529) and respond to 8 questions. If all questions are answered correctly, prepaid customers will be rewarded with one hour of free talk – GT&T to GT&T – redeemable between 20:00 hrs and 23:58 hrs but after these hours the minutes for the day would expire.

Post-paid customers will be given an electronic generated coupon and all customers will be entered into the monthly drawings.

Every month, ten lucky customers will be given a chance to partake in the game show to select the winners.

Pre-paid customers will pay $30 per text and post-paid customers $8 per text. Both figures are VAT exclusive.

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