Armed bandits rob Gangaram family

Three armed bandits smashed their way into the home of a family at Gangaram Settlement, East Canje around 1:15 am yesterday and robbed them of a quantity of gold jewellery.

Two of the bandits were carrying firearms while the other was armed with a cutlass. Police said in a release that the men discharged a round while in the house which struck the roof and another in the yard while escaping.

Reports are that Gladys Khan, a pensioner along with her granddaughter, Shabana Khan and her reputed husband, Bharrat Puran were asleep when they were awakened by the sound of the louvre windows breaking.

Neighbours said that after they realized the family was being robbed they tried desperately to contact the police at both the station and on 911, during the robbery but no one answered the phones.

Shabana told reporters that during the incident which lasted for more than half an hour, one of the bandits placed a gun to her grandmother’s head and told her “granny gimme all the money and jewellery that you gat.”

They also ordered the woman to “lie flat on the ground and dem tell she that if she only holler dem gon kill she,” Shabana recounted.
The bandits then entered her bedroom and hit her husband with the gun-butt to his head. They held onto Shabana and started to batter her as they removed a pair of gold bangles and five rings she was wearing.

She recalled that one of the rings was “hard to come off” and they raised the cutlass and pointed the gun at her and insisted that she took it off.
Two of the bandits were reportedly keeping watch and after they noticed the light of an approaching vehicle, told his accomplices to “hurry up.”

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